Recycled Polyester
All swim shorts are made of 100% recycled polyester and consists of 70% SEAQUAL® YARN and 30% non branded recycled polyester. SEAQUAL® YARN is one of the most certified, earth friendly fibres in the world. It's high quality recycled polyester yarn made with Upcycled Marine Plastic recovered from the oceans. By wearing this swim short, you contribute to preserving natural resources and reducing the waste in our planet’s water.

The SEAQUAL Initiative
The SEAQUAL Initiative challenges plastic pollution and helps to clean our oceans of Marine Litter, helping society move towards a circular economy. The SEAQUAL Initiative is a unique collaborative model involving NGOs, Fishermen, Researchers, Scientists, Authorities and Private Stakeholders to clean the Ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, beaches and coastlines. SEAQUAL® YARN is a 100% recycled material with full traceability (DNA tracer inside). This certification forms part of an exclusive licensing system created by the SEAQUAL Initiative.
Cleaning our oceans and the entire marine environment: the ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, beaches and coastlines.
Helping local society move towards a more sustainable way of living, towards a circular economy, acting ‘glocally’: global and locally.
Supporting and engaging with SEAQUAL Heroes and their stories (NGOs, fishermen, local communities and researchers).
Sustainable Products
Developing beautiful and sustainable everyday products containing Upcycled Marine Plastic, a 100% recycled material with full traceability.

Organic Cotton 
Organic cotton offers a more environmentally friendly and ethically responsible alternative for cotton. It’s the same sort of cotton as regular or conventional cotton, but processed in a more environmentally friendly way and with good working conditions.  Organic cotton is made of cotton plants under the rules of organic farming. Our hoodies and beanies are made of 100% organic cotton.  

UV Protection
UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet radiation. It literally means: beyond the violet. An explicit reference to the wave length of the shadow. UV radiation is the invisible radiation of the sun. An excess of UV rays is therefore harmful for the skin. These rays can cause skin burns, skin ageing and skin diseases. UV rays are the most preventable main cause of skin cancer. Especially children are high sensitive when it comes to UV rays. Research shows that children who burn there skin at a young age, have an increased risk on skin cancer at a later age. Therefore it’s important to let them enjoy the sun and to give them good protection at the same time by using sunblock lotion and UV clothing with protection factor 50+. A regular t-shirt does not provide sufficient protection, the protection factor is only between 5 and 15. The UV polo shirts of Seabass protects you with factor 50 and blocks 98% of all UV rays. It protects you against skin burn, skin ageing and skin diseases.


Working Environment
Our collections are carefully and honestly handmade in Portugal. All of our items are environmentally friendly and fairly produced and free of child labour. Our friends in Portugal work very hard to ensure that the environmental impact of their operations is responsible and transparent, and continue to look for opportunities to improve. They expect their partners, garment and textiles manufacturers, laundry and dyeing specialists to provide proof of responsible and environmentally friendly behaviour. In the interests of their genuine concern with environmental issues they have introduced internal procedures and a politics of environmental responsibility which ensures limited use of plastics, a reduced consumption of water, installation of LED T-5 and CFL, and the recycling of paper and cardboard.